Fall arts preview 2013: Our critics' picks for must-see shows and local stars on the rise

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      A once-shy actor, a smart-dressed diva, and a killer tap dancer: we talk to a few fast-rising local stars in our fall arts preview, and recommend must-see shows.


      Music arts

      Profile: Guitarist Adrian Verdejo covers the musical spectrum

      Profile: Soprano Sheila Christie knows how to make an impression

      Critics' picks: Drums, arias, and strings let loose



      Profile: Stephanie Izsak dives deep for her roles

      Profile: Actor Josette Jorge opens her heart

      Critics' picks: This fall, the play’s the thing



      Profile: Danny Nielsen taps new audiences

      Profile: Thibaut Eiferman gets extreme at Ballet B.C.

      Critics' picks: Troupes rock the stage


      Visual arts

      Profile: Sylvia Grace Borda finds art in farms and sequins

      Profile: Artist Khan Lee creates new meanings

      Critics' picks: A fall feast for the eyes



      Profile: Chris James slays the angst with laughs

      Profile: Comedian Sean Emeny keeps it humble

      Critics' picks: Comics of all sizes make for one funny autumn


      Behind the scenes

      The skeletal story behind our arts season preview photo shoot