Arts Factory cultural hub to launch this summer

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      A new arts facility is set to open its doors in False Creek Flats this summer.

      The Arts Factory will formally launch at 281 Industrial Avenue in July, according to Elia Kirby, the president of the Arts Factory Society.

      The new cultural hub will feature artist studio and production space. It is primarily intended for artists that need space to do industrial fabrication, including sculptures, painting, and ceramics.

      Artists and professionals in the cultural sector will also have a chance to rent “hot desks” in the building, for $5 an hour or $30 a day. Monthly rent for a permanent desk is $350 per month, which includes Internet access and other office resources.

      Kirby said the Arts Factory is looking for people to share the production space with other artists, or to come forward as groups.

      “We want a rich ecology of people,” Kirby told the Straight by phone. “People with a variety of disciplines, people with a variety of interests— something that reflects the varied interests and the professionalism of Vancouver’s artists.”

      The 8,000-square-foot production space on the main floor consists of four large studios of between 1.200 and 2,000 square feet.

      Kirby said the society is looking at renting the studio space for about $1.90 per square foot per month, with the only additional cost being a group insurance policy that artists will purchase into.

      The building will also house the Great Northern Way Scene Shop, which will take up about 6,000 square feet in the former warehouse.

      An application process has been launched for artists and arts collectives interested in using the studios and office space. (A previous call for applications in August 2013 had to be delayed until the building was ready.)

      The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 20. More information is available on the Arts Factory’s website.

      The layout of the main floor of the Arts Factory, which will open its doors in July.



      Great News

      Apr 29, 2015 at 8:09am

      I remember this building being wrapped in white plastic last year and I wondered what was going on inside. I'm very happy that this area continues to grow as an arts hub, especially since land like this is disappearing in a sea of condos.