More Vancouver comedy shows to keep you laughing

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      Don’t let your comedy be limited to standup, improv, or sketch. Here are some of Vancouver’s offbeat hybrid shows that’ll keep you laughing.


      Comedians tell their stories about what it’s like to have moved here. Brent Constantine and Amber Harper-Young host at Hot Art Wet City.

      Next show Saturday (August 8).


      The Gentlemen Hecklers

      Eric Fell, Shaun Stewart, and Patrick Maliha present truly awful movies and talk all the way through them—hilariously. At the Rio Theatre.

      Their third-anniversary show is next Wednesday (August 12), featuring Batman and Robin—the George Clooney one.


      Kyle Bottom’s Comedy Bucket

      Audience members provide the premises; comedians pull the topics out of the bucket and start riffing. Impressive, especially host Kyle Bottom. At Hot Art Wet City.

      Next show August 14.


      Panel Show of 1000 Topics

      Host Ryan Beil’s aim is to get a group of comedians through a thousand random topics projected on a wall. They usually get through 40 or 50. At Little Mountain Gallery.

      Next show, August 14.


      Rapp Battlez: Wezt Coazt

      Improvisers Taz VanRassel and Ryan Beil host this high-concept old-school battle of hip-hop wits. At the Fox Cabaret.

      Next show August 15.


      Say Wha?!: Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing

      The worst in publishing read by the best in local comedy, hosted and created by Sara Bynoe. At the Cottage Bistro.

      Next show August 18.


      Come Draw With Me

      The worse an artist you are, the better for host Alicia Tobin. At Hot Art Wet City.

      Next show August 21.


      Talk Showcase

      An ignorant narcissist trying to make a big-time talk show. Chris James plays “Chris James”. There are regular fictional characters plus nonfictional real guests. At Little Mountain Gallery.

      Next show August 22.


      Weird Al Karaoke

      Ryan Beil hosts along with sidekick Weird Pal (Paul Anthony) as comedians perform their own song parodies over a karaoke track. At Little Mountain Gallery.

      Next show August 28.


      Talent Time  

      A variety showcase like none other. It’s ironic and sincere all at the same time. Hosted by Paul Anthony, with cohost Ryan Beil. At the Rio Theatre.

      Next show September 3.


      Cool Kids Comedy Court

      Jacob Samuel and Brent Constantine present comedians on trial for their jokes, complete with funny lawyers and a judge. At Little Mountain Gallery.

      Next show September 12.



      Graham Clark and Ryan Beil riff over top of classic wrestling clips. At Little Mountain Gallery.

      Next show September 16.


      Roast Battle  

      Fatima Dhowre introduces a series of two-person roasts. Judges determine the winner. Everyone gets zinged. At Little Mountain Gallery.

      Next show September 18.


      Teen Angst

      It’s not nice laughing at others’ misfortune, but it’s fine if they’re laughing at it too, well after the fact. Old journals, bad poetry, and adolescent essays provide the material. At the Cottage Bistro.

      Next show September 23.