Gallery Surf: Blaine Campbell, Scott Massey, Peter Aspell, and more art for your weekend

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      Gallery Surf is the Straight's weekly feature showcasing some of Vancouver's must-see art gallery exhibits. Surf through the images and if you like what you see, check out the art IRL.

      Blaine Campbell: The Light of Their Eyes (Bipolar Coordinates) from his joint exhibition, Black Hole Sun, with Scott Massey at Republic Gallery (723 Richards Street) from January 23 to February 27.

      Blaine Campbell and Scott Massey: Black Hole Sun

      This joint exhibition from Blaine Campbell and Scott Massey combines their interests in astronomy, cosmology, and quantum physics. The artists work in various mediums including photography, installations, and sculptures as they "investigate the very small and the very large", raising questions about the nature of existence. Both figurative and literal aspects of what the artists called "the unknowable, unfathomable, or invisible" are examined, with a focus on the duality of light as a both a medium and pure energy. Black Hole Sun will be on display at Republic Gallery from January 23 to February 27, with an opening reception on January 23 from 2 to 4 p.m.

      Peter Aspell: The Mad Alchemist of Colour from the exhibition, The Mad Alchemist, at Richmond Art Gallery (7700 Minoru Gate) from January 22 to April 3.

      Peter Aspell: The Mad Alchemist

      This exhibition featuring the work of B.C. painter Peter Aspell (1918-2004) comes from a private collection. Aspell, who experimented with abstraction, gained recognition for his work in post-war Vancouver. While many of Aspell’s contemporaries focused on landscape, his focus was on figuration. Aspell’s wide-ranging interests in symbolism, mythology, and portraiture informed much of the work that will be featured in this exhibition. This exhibition runs from January 23 to April 3 at the Richmond Art Gallery, with an opening reception taking place on January 22 from 7 to 9 p.m. A companion exhibition, Peter Aspell: Saints and Sinners, Mystics and Madness, will be on display at the West Vancouver Museum until March 26. 

      Brian Jungen: a sculpture from his exhibition at Catriona Jeffries Gallery (274 East 1st Avenue) from January 22 to February 27.

      Brian Jungen: An exhibition

      Brian Jungen returns to a familiar medium for the work in his latest exhibition. Jungen dissects and rearranges new Air Jordan trainers, creating sculptures by using the same tools that were used in the initial manufacturing of the shoes, including a band saw, punches, rivets, drills, and an industrial sewing machine. Jungen has previously worked with Air Jordans to create masks and other sculptures that are representational of First Nations art. As the shoes have changed in terms of design and colour schemes, so has the way Jungen uses them in his work. The exhibition will be on display at Catriona Jeffries Gallery from January 22 to February 27. 

      Hank Willis Thomas: Priceless from the joint exhibition Winter 2015/2016: Collected Works at Rennie Collection at Wing Sang (51 East Pender) from January 23 to April 23.

      Various artists:Winter 2015/2016: Collected Works

      This major exhibition features the work of 42 prominent and emerging artists, including Ai Weiwei, Larry Clark, Norman Rockwell, Hank Willis Thomas, and more. The collection “aims to reveal the chaos of the world by addressing enduringly pertinent issues, from migratory displacement to an in-depth examination of identity and history.” A variety of practices and media are exhibited in this monumental exhibition at Rennie Collection at Wing Sang. It will be on display from January 23 to April 23. Public viewing of the exhibition is available through guided tours (50 mins In length) and reservations must be made via the gallery’s website.

      Katrin Aason: Under the Scope from the joint exhibition, Works on Paper, at Federation Gallery (1241 Cartwright Street) from January 19 to 31.

      Various artists: Works on Paper

      Just as the title suggests, this collection of work celebrates what is often the first support medium we ever use: paper. Simple yet endless in its offering of possibilities, paper supports and challenges artists in their practice. Exhibited artists in this showcase include both active and signature members of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and mediums include watercolour paintings, prints, pastel drawings, and more. Works on Paper will be on display at Federation Gallery from January 20 to February 1.