Our interview with the Gentlemen Hecklers is a hilarious disaster (video)

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      The Gentlemen Hecklers might want to consider taking their skills down a new avenue: interview riffing.

      Two thirds of the movie riffing troupe sat down with the Straight earlier this month for what was supposed to be an interview, but their banter and side-splitting antics made for something much more entertaining

      The trio has been hosting monthly shows at the Rio Theatre for nearly four years, to audiences of "tens of people", according to heckler Patrick Maliha. (He's being facetious. Their last screening of Road House sold more than 250 tickets.)

      "We watch a lot of terrible films that hurt a lot," said heckler Eric Fell. "One out of every five films that we watch is appropriate to be riffed. It needs to have the right amount of sincerity, the right amount of ridiculousness, and the right amount of sincere failure."

      Fell and Maliha will be joined by their counterpart Shaun Stewart (not seen in the video below) for an evening of hilarious bad-movie commentary at Vancity Theatre on February 27, as part of JFL Northwest. They'll riff on a movie they say is requested more frequently than any other: 1989's Road House, featuring the one and only Patrick Swayze.

      "Road House is the perfect film to provide commentary to. It's a great movie on its own, but with our riffing and our commentary; it adds a new experience," said Fell.

      "It's true, there are layers upon layers. It's like a tiramisu... a tiramisu filled with Patrick Swayze," said Maliha. 

      If you're still not sure what movie riffing is, check out the video below. But first, you'll have to sit through two minutes of non-stop tomfoolery courtesy Eric and Patrick. We promise you won't regret it. 

      Amanda Siebert