Vancouver couple crosses Shakespeare's Two Noble Kinsmen off their list

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      Shakespeare is truly beloved, but how far would you go to see all his plays? Vancouver couple Dave Secord and Amy Adams are travelling all the way to Ohio this month to see the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company perform The Two Noble Kinsmen.

      The production marks two milestones: it is the last play the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company needs to present to complete the 38-play canon, and it is also the last of the Bard’s plays that Secord and Adams have yet to see.

      The two theatre enthusiasts didn’t set out to view Shakespeare’s entire 38-play canon, but when they realized they’d seen most of them anyway, they couldn’t resist ticking the rest off the list.

      “Three years ago, during a conversation with our Shakespeare friends, we realized that we were only missing two plays,” Secord told the Straight. “So I set up Google news alerts on those two plays to find out who in North America was doing them.”

      They saw one of the plays, Timon of Athens, in Chicago two years ago, when they worked a Chicago layover into their travel plans. When they heard that the final play, The Two Noble Kinsmen, was being done in Cincinnati, they found a way to fit in a trip there on their way to Italy.

      The couple has been going to Bard on the Beach in Vancouver and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland for years now. “One of the reasons I think I can watch Shakespeare over and over is because there’s such good Shakespeare companies,” Adams said. “Like Bard on the Beach, who can put a fresh look on something. Even if I’ve seen it three or four times I can get something new out of it.”