Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards nominations announced, with Pacific Theatre joining the big companies in the lead

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      In terms of sheer numbers, there were some surprises amid the nominations for the 32nd annual Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards when they were announced today at the Vancouver TheatreSports League Improv Centre on Granville Island.

      With 14 nominations in the large-theatre category, Pacific Theatre scored almost as many nods as the much bigger Bard on the Beach, which had 15, and more than the Arts Club Theatre, which had 13. The 128-seat, Christian-focused, South Granville-area venue received the nominations for its productions of The Seafarer and The Foreigner, both of which are up for outstanding production of the year.

      Hamlet took five nominations at Bard, including a shoutout for actor Jonathon Young in the title role, and the Arts Club's Armstrong's War scored five nominations as well. Patrick Street Productions' musical Floyd Collins is also put foward five times.

      Out of 22 productions nominated in the small-theatre category, Itsazoo Productions' trailer-park-set Killer Joe took the most nods, at seven. Realwheels Theatre received six for Whose Life Is It Anyway, including outstanding production, with Bob Frazer up for outstanding actor in a lead role. 

      A complete list of nominees is below. Final awards will be handed out on June 23 at the Commodore Ballroom. Tickest are available through Ticketmaster 1-855-985-5000 or online at

      The ceremony is being produced and directed by Vancouver TheatreSports.


      Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role - Large Theatre

      Haig Sutherland—Elizabeth Rex—Bard on the Beach

      John Emmet Tracy—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      John Voth—The Foreigner—Pacific Theatre

      Jonathon Young—Hamlet—Bard on the Beach

      Ron Reed—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role - Large Theatre

      Colleen Wheeler—Elizabeth Rex—Bard on the Beach

      Emmelia Gordon—Proud—Firehall Arts Centre

      Lindsey Angell—Venus in Fur—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Margo Kane—For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again—Talking Stick Festival

      Matreya Scarrwener—Armstrong’s War—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Large Theatre

      Allan Zinyk—Twelfth Night—Bard on the Beach

      Anton Lipovetsky—Measure for Measure—Bard on the Beach

      Jonathan Young—Twelfth Night—Bard on the Beach

      Peter Carlone—The Foreigner—Pacific Theatre

      Tim Dixon—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Large Theatre

      Caitriona Murphy—Mary Poppins—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Erla Faye Forsyth—The Foreigner—Pacific Theatre

      Jennifer Lines—Twelfth Night—Bard on the Beach

      Krystin Pellerin—Floyd Collins—Patrick Street Productions

      Naomi Wright—Hamlet—Bard on the Beach

      Outstanding Lighting Design - Large Theatre

      Adrian Muir—The Romeo Initiative—Touchstone Theatre

      Conor Moore—Armstrong’s War—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Jeff Harrison—Floyd Collins—Patrick Street Productions

      John Webber—“Art”—Gateway Theatre

      Robert Sondergaard—Helen Lawrence—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Outstanding Set Design - Large Theatre

      Drew Facey—“Art”—Gateway Theatre

      Drew Facey—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Drew Facey—Des fraises en janvier—Théâtre la Seizième

      Drew Facey—The Romeo Initiative—Touchstone Theatre

      Lauchlin Johnston—The Foreigner—Pacific Theatre

      Outstanding Costume Design - Large Theatre

      Barbara Clayden—Proud—Firehall Arts Centre

      Mara Gottler—Elizabeth Rex—Bard on the Beach

      Mara Gottler—The Romeo Initiative—Touchstone Theatre

      Sheila White—Dreamgirls—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Sydney Cavanagh—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition- Large Theatre

      Bradley Danyluk—Floyd Collins—Patrick Street Productions—

      John Murphy, Anthony Pavlic, Benjamin Elliott—Measure for Measure—Bard on the Beach

      Luke Ertman—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Owen Belton—The Romeo Initiative—Touchstone Theatre

      Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont—Hamlet—Bard on the Beach

      Outstanding Direction - Large Theatre

      Anthony F. Ingram—The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Evan Frayne—The Foreigner—Pacific Theatre

      Kim Collier—Hamlet—Bard on the Beach

      Mindy Parfitt—Armstrong’s War—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Rachel Ditor—Elizabeth Rex—Bard on the Beach

      Outstanding Production Musical - Large Theatre

      Avenue Q—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Dreamgirls—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Floyd Collins—Patrick Street Productions

      Mary Poppins—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Out of a Dream—Patrick Street Productions

      Outstanding Production Play - Large Theatre

      The Seafarer—Pacific Theatre

      Armstrong’s War—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Des fraises en janvier—Théâtre la Seizième

      Hamlet—Bard on the Beach

      The Foreigner—Pacific Theatre

      Significant Artistic Achievement - Large Theatre

      Scott Bellis, Jeny Cassady, Shannon Chan-Kent, Kayla Dunbar, Evangelia Kambites, Andrew MacDonald-Smith, Andy Toth—Avenue Q—Arts Club Theatre Company—Outstanding Ensemble Performance

      Benjamin Elliott, Chris Cochrane, Dustin Freeland, Anton Lipovetsky, Luc Roderique, Bonnie Northgraves—Measure for Measure—Bard on the Beach—Outstanding Band Ensemble

      Brian Johnson, Peter Courtemanche, Stan Douglas, Jonny Østrem, Trent Noble, Prajay Mehta, Martin Gilbert—Helen Lawrence—Arts Club Theatre Company—Outstanding Artistic Achievement in Technical Integration

      Joey Lespérance, Julie McIsaac, Gilles Poulin-Denis, Julie Trepanier—Des fraises en janvier—Théâtre la Seizième—Outstanding Ensemble Performance

      Sarah Ho, Laine Longton, Jonathan Monro, Gordon Roberts, Lyndon Surjik, Nathan Carroll—Floyd Collins—Patrick Street Productions—Outstanding Achievement Orchestra


      Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role - Small Theatre

      Ashley O’Connell—Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me—Dancing Monkey Presents

      Bob Frazer—Whose Life Is It Anyway?—Realwheels Theatre

      Kavyon Kelly—Lungs—Mitch and Murray Productions

      Ryan Alexander McDonald—Hedwig and the Angry Inch—Ghost Light Projects

      Sebastian Kroon—Of Mice and Men—Hardline Productions

      Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role - Small Theatre

      Emmelia Gordon—Dissolve—Shameless Hussy Productions

      Claire Hesselgrave—Speech and Debate—Twenty Something Theatre

      Genevieve Fleming—Bug—Hardline Productions

      Stephanie Izsak—Lungs—Mitch and Murray Productions

      Susan Hogan—Kayak—Alley Theatre

      Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Small Theatre

      Alec Willows—Of Mice and Men—Hardline Productions

      Jay Clift—Bug—Hardline Productions

      Kyle Jespersen—Penelope—Rumble Theatre

      Sebastian Archibald—Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      Shawn Macdonald—Lowest Common Denominator—Zee Zee Theatre

      Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Small Theatre

      Alannah Ong—Ga Ting—The Frank Theatre Company

      Emma Slipp—Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      Jennifer Lines— Whose Life Is It Anyway?—Realwheels Theatre

      Meghan Chenosky—Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      Moya O’Connell—Becky Shaw—Mitch and Murray Productions

      Outstanding Lighting Design - Small Theatre

      Adrian Muir—Whose Life Is It Anyway?—Realwheels Theatre

      Alan Brodie—Uncle Vanya—Blackbird Theatre

      John Webber—Except in the Unlikely Event of War—Pi Theatre

      Parjad Sharifi—To Wear a Heart So White—Leaky Heaven Performance Society

      Outstanding Set Design - Small Theatre

      Drew Facey—Penelope—Rumble Theatre

      Jen Stewart—Of Mice and Men—Hardline Productions

      Jergus Oprsal—Inside the Seed—Up in the Air Theatre

      Lauchlin Johnston—Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      Pam Johnson—Whose Life Is It Anyway?—Realwheels Theatre

      Outstanding Costume Design - Small Theatre

      Marti Wright—Uncle Vanya—Blackbird Theatre

      Barbara Clayden—Except in the Unlikely Event of War—Pi Theatre

      Drew Facey—Cool Beans—Solo Collective

      Drew Facey—Penelope—Rumble Theatre

      Nita Bowerman—Mrs. Warren’s Profession—Alley Theatre

      Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition - Small Theatre—

      Matthew MacDonald-Bain, Malcolm Dow—Of Mice and Men—Hardline Productions

      David Mesiha—Except in the Unlikely Event of War—Pi Theatre

      Mishelle Cuttler—Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      Stephen Bulat—Dissolve—Shameless Hussy Productions

      Outstanding Direction - Small Theatre

      Cameron Mackenzie—Lowest Common Denominator—Zee Zee Theatre

      Chelsea Haberlin—Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      John Cooper—Whose Life Is It Anyway?—Realwheels Theatre

      Renee Iaci—Dissolve—Shameless Hussy Productions

      Richard Wolfe—Inside the Seed—Up in the Air Theatre

      Outstanding Production - Small Theatre

      Inside the Seed—Up in the Air Theatre

      Killer Joe—ITSAZOO Theatre Productions

      Lungs—Mitch and Murray Productions

      Of Mice and Men—Hardline Productions

      Whose Life Is It Anyway?—Realwheels Theatre

      Significant Artistic Achievement - Small Theatre

      Bruce Horak—Assassinating Thompson—Monster Theatre—Outstanding Achievement in Audience Engagement

      Christopher David Gauthier—Outstanding body of work for costume design

      Jay Clift, Josh Epstein, Katey Hoffman, Gili Roskies—Cool Beans—Solo Collective—Outstanding Ensemble Performance

      Keith Murray, Mark Sylvester, Christine Reimer, Philip Birkby, Danielle Marlene Gotell, Samantha Tsang, Bill Moysey, Eric Rhys Miller, William Hales, Paul Dutton, Maziar Mehrabi—Nothing But Sky—The Only Animal—Outstanding Achievement in Integrated Design

      Patrick Sbaongui, Dallas Sauer, Allison James, Carl Kennedy, Mia K Ingimundson, Adele Noronha, Tetsuro Shigematsu, Tamara McCarthy—Inside the Seed—Up in the Air Theatre—Outstanding Ensemble Performance

      Theatre for Young Audiences

      Outstanding Performance - Theatre for Young Audiences

      Dominic Duchesne and Lauren Jackson—Extra-Céleste—Théâtre la Seizième

      Allan Zinyk—Jack and the Bean—Presentation House Theatre

      Curtis Tweedie—Wired—Green Thumb Theatre

      Devon Busswood, Kayla Dunbar, Dustin Freeland, Meghan Gardiner, Colin Sheen, Allan Zinyk—Busytown—Carousel Theatre

      Kayla Dunbar—Seussical—Carousel Theatre

      Outstanding Design - Theatre for Young Audiences

      Cathy Nosaty, Graham Ockley, Stephanie Kong, Al Frisk, Carolyn Rapanos, Mac Hiller—Design Ensemble—Jack and the Bean—Presentation House Theatre

      Alison Green—Production Design—Wondrous Tales of Old Japan—Carousel Theatre

      Craig Alfredson—Set & Video Design—tagged—Green Thumb Theatre

      Darren Boquist—Lighting Design—Busytown—Carousel Theatre

      Patrick Pennefather—Sound Design—Extra-Céleste—Théâtre la Seizième

      Outstanding Artistic Creation - Theatre for Young Audiences

      Anita Rochon—Direction—Extra-Céleste—Théâtre la Seizième

      Carole Higgins—Direction—Busytown—Carousel Theatre

      Kayla Dunbar—Choreography—Busytown—Carousel Theatre

      Kim Selody—Direction— Jack and the Bean—Presentation House Theatre

      Steven Greenfield—Musical Direction— Busytown—Carousel Theatre

      Outstanding Production -Theatre for Young Audiences

      Busytown—Carousel Theatre

      Extra-Céleste—Théâtre la Seizième

      Jack and the Bean—Presentation House Theatre

      tagged—Green Thumb Theatre

      Wondrous Tales of Old Japan—Carousel Theatre

      Significant Artistic Achievement - Theatre for Young Audiences

      Drew Facey—Outstanding body of work

      Heidi Wilkinson, Gina Bastone, Rick Holloway—ARVAARLUK: An Inuit Tale—Pangaea Arts—Outstanding mask and puppet design and construction

      Wondrous Tales of Old Japan—Carousel Theatre—Community Engagement

      Outstanding Original Script

      Billy Marchenski—Slowpoke—Radix Theatre

      Colleen Murphy—Armstrong’s War—Arts Club Theatre Company

      Jason Rothery—Inside the Seed—Up in the Air Theatre

      Kendra Fanconi—Nothing But Sky—The Only Animal

      Michelle Deines—Ghosts in Baghdad—Working Spark Theatre

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      Chris Gatchalian

      May 20, 2014 at 5:40pm

      Congrats to all the Jessie nominees! Please note that GA TING, the show for which Alannah Ong is nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role--Small Theatre, was a co-production between the frank theatre company and Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre.