Gallery Surf: Edzy Edzed, Ruth Beer, Jamie Evrard, and more art for your weekend

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      Gallery Surf is the Straight's weekly feature showcasing some of Vancouver's must-see art gallery exhibits. Surf through the images and if you like what you see, check out the art IRL.

      Edzy Edzed: 30 Year Retrospective

      With more than a thousand works produced over the course of his 30+ year career, Edzy Edzed's practice can certainly be described as diligent. Using the filter of deconstruction to realize uninvented painting forms, the artist has focused this exhibition on exploring these new techniques. Edzed's obsessive-compulsive impulses will be reflected in the show as he plans to intensify the exhibition by adding more work to the gallery as the show continues. Despite a long career, Edzed rarely exhibits his work, making 30 Year Retrospective a must-see. Edzed's work will be on display at Gallery Gachet from March 4 to April 10. An opening reception will take place on April 4 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

      Ruth Beer: From the exhibition Extract, form, and print, at Malaspina Printmakers (1555 Durenlau Street) from March 4 to April 3.

      Ruth Beer: Extract, form, and print

      In this series of new works, Ruth Beer will present monotype and intaglio prints, as well as sculptural work made from polyurethane rubber and copper. Referencing notions of landscape, geo-marine conditions, natural resource extraction, and energy, Beer's work takes on many forms that combine minimalism, craft, and 20th century avant-garde aesthetics. Her multi-disciplinary practice reflects her latest research and creation project, "Trading Routes: Grease Trails, Oil Pipelines", a project supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). View Beer's Extract, form, and print at Malaspina Printmakers from March 4 to April 3. 

      Jamie Evrard: Fifteen Minutes of Music from the exhibition with the same title at Bau-Xi Gallery (3045 Granville Street) from March 5 to 19. An opening reception will take place on March 5 from 2 to 4 p.m. The artist will be in attendance.

      Jamie Evrard: Fifteen Minutes of Music

      In Fifteen Minutes of MusicJamie Evrard's latest series, her focus is to depict the character of a singular, mature bloom. After spending 15 minutes photographing a discarded bouquet and searching for the nuances of each stem and petal, Evrard painted the photographs. Those led to the acrylic and oil on linen pieces that will be on display during the exhibition. In an artist's statement, Evrard said, "You learn a lot about your subjects when you begin small - the various emotions of the individual bloom shape and reshape themselves. It's my job to capture with paint these intimate moments." Jamie Evrard's work will be exhibited at Bau-Xi Gallery from March 5 to 19. An opening reception will take place on March 5 from 2 to 4 p.m. The artist will be in attendance. 

      Janet Kvammen: Afterbirth from the joint exhibition, Art Squared, at The Gallery at Queen's Park (Queens Park, 1st Street and 3rd Avenue, New Westminster) from March 2 to 27.

      Various artists: Art Squared

      Welcoming artists from all levels, New West Artists is an inclusive non-profit society that endeavours to inspire and connect visual artists in the city of New Westminster and beyond. Artists range from hobbyists to full-time veterans. Members of the society will exhibit a series of works in association with the Arts Council of New Westminster in a show titled Art Squared at The Gallery at Queen's Park from March 2 to 27.

      Various artists: A joint exhibition, IRL:URL at the James Black Gallery (144 East 6th Avenue) on March 5 and 6.

      Various artists: IRL:URL

      Showcasing the work of emerging local artists in a variety of mediums including media, installation, performance, and painting, IRL:URL reflects the way in which the internet has revolutionized and impacted how we interact, think, and spend our time. Work from 26 different artists including Miki Aurora, Bex Ilsley, Tessa Reed, and Erik Zepka, will be exhibited, each touching on how the online world informed our way of life in regards to politics, identity, social interactions, and relationships. This two-day-only exhibition will be on display at the James Black Gallery on March 5 and 6 from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. each evening. Music will be provided by .com bubble and Latex Honey Glove.