Who Killed Kraft Bier? brings an air of mystery to Vancouver Craft Beer Week

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      If you’re interested in craft beer, but you want to do a little more than just sit down and drink it, then Forbidden Vancouver’s event Who Killed Kraft Bier? might be just what you are looking for.

      Who Killed Kraft Bier? is a special event run by the people who put on the Lost Souls of Gastown and Prohibition City walking tours. The two-hour murder mystery and craft beer tasting extravaganza will see participants running around Mount Pleasant, sampling different beers, and solving clues to figure out who killed the fictional German brewmaster Kraft Bier.

      “They get to don their hats and head off around Mount Pleasant and crack the case,” says Will Woods, Forbidden Vancouver’s founder and chief storyteller. “We like to think it’s a film noir-esque case with some twists and turns. It’ll take a smart detective to crack it, that’s for sure!”

      Along the way, the detectives-for-the-day will run into three suspects, who are all real characters from Vancouver’s past. Emil Sick was a big brewery boss in the 1920s. Pat Labelle, a Vaudeville escape artist, was known as “the Female Houdini” as she would dangle off buildings wrapped in chains while onlookers watched her free herself. Shue Moy was a Chinese immigrant who managed to amass a fortune in the gambling and prohibited liquor businesses of the time.

      The aim of the event is to further appreciation for Mount Pleasant’s rich brewing history, at a time when the neighbourhood is having a sort of craft beer renaissance.

      “I hope they get an appreciation of the history of the area and the history of brewing in the city, which has had a profound effect on city development over the years,” Woods says. “I hope they have a great time being a detective for the day.”

      Woods adds that this is a chance to just kick back and have fun, as well. “I think that people hopefully find that a really engaging experience, and sample some great beers. They’re going to meet new people, they’re going to be working together for sure. I think it’s going to be a really fun event.”

      Who Killed Kraft Bier? is an official Vancouver Craft Beer Week event and takes place on June 1. Tickets are $49 and space is limited.