Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Space Hippo

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      This show had already attained a cult following by the time I saw its final performance in Victoria, and the audience responded with rabid intensity to the story of a hippo on a mission to save planet Earth from its imminent demise.

      The story is told by a pair of aliens from the future who use exquisitely detailed, endlessly inventive shadow puppetry as Space Hippo, accompanied by her trusty Food Robot, encounters Lizard Man and other evil aliens.

      It’s extremely weird and extremely virtuosic: Seri Yanai’s puppet design is witty and full of beautiful, allusive detail; Daniel Wishes’s voices are equally textured; and Elliott Loran’s Bowie-esque songs add another layer of trippiness. Freaky, Fringe-y fun—get in on it early. 


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