Vancouver Fringe Festival review: The After After Party

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      Fucking hilarious. There’s a kind of genius at work here.

      Drunk and stoned out of their minds, teenagers Jules and Fiona are looking for the after after party, but they can’t remember what they’ve done at the pre-party, the party, or the after party, so they snort Ritalin to focus their minds and they flip back in time.

      Cheyenne Mabberley and Katey Hoffman, who play Jules and Fiona, also wrote the script, which will leave you gasping for breath. When snorting doesn’t work, they shove the Ritalin up their asses. After Fiona has been quiet for a minute, she comes round and says something like, “I was dead there for a bit. God was a giant baby that was just welcoming everybody—except the masturbators.”

      Fearless. Skilled. Endlessly surprising.