Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Marrow

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      There’s a whole lot of intelligence and talent here.

      In Marrow, emerging playwright Veronique West introduces us to two sisters. Morgan is an academic with a fresh take on witches: rather then seeing them as victims of the patriarchy, she sees witches as fierce resisters who claimed their personhood. Maura, who has been in treatment for bulimia, feels like she lives in Morgan’s shadow, but she also claims her personhood, resisting what she regards as Morgan’s simplistic feminist understanding of her illness.

      West’s script interrupts domestic scenes with interludes that explore the rituals of bulimia and witchcraft and the shades of victimization and empowerment in both.

      Alexandra Lainfiesta (Morgan) and Baraka Rahmani (Maura) perform Marrow with honesty and restraint.