Toasting 20 artists for 20 years of the Eastside Culture Crawl

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      The Eastside Culture Crawl is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a blast.

      In honour of the occasion, we’re choosing 20 artists for 20 years. We’re talking about artists you may not have heard of, materials being used in ways you might not have imagined, and just cool stuff.

      Tangible Interaction
      1000 Parker Street
      A must-see experience at the Crawl, with giant, interactive light installations and entire rooms that throb and come glowingly alive.

      A Cagey Bee
      1000 Parker Street
      Kris G. Brownlee’s art and jewellery strike a balance between the vintage storybook, the fairy tale, and the low-brow hip with her wide-eyed girls, animals, and robots.

      Tannis Hopkins
      1000 Parker Street
      The minute you see one of her canvases—depicting a lone man standing in a field of snowmen, say—a story can’t help but play itself out in your head.

      Andrea Hooge
      Arts Factory, 281 Industrial Avenue
      Cats, cats, cats. Of course, the illustrator-painter has other subject matter too, but you’ll love her quirky, lovingly drawn felines, whether they’re dreaming of doughnuts, barfing up rainbows, preparing for a picnic, or dancing across a T-shirt.

      Heather Konschuh’s Shoreline Water Bowl.
      Heather Spriggs

      Heather Konschuh Glass
      Mergatroid Building, 975 Vernon Drive
      Blown-glass objects so brightly hued you’ll have to wear shades. Wavy bowls that make you picture ocean crests and speckled shells, ethereal blown and fired pendants, and artfully rendered birds and trees.

      Jon Shaw
      Mergatroid Building
      The unsung alleyways of East Van come alive with Shaw’s eclectic ink-and-acrylics on wood.

      Zed Payne
      William Clark Studios, 1310 William Street
      If you aren’t sure what wet- or needle-felted sculptures look like, check out these nature-inspired curiosities, resembling delicate pods and sea creatures.

      Shari Pratt 
      1000 Parker Street
      Pratt uses lush, textural brushstrokes to reimagine vintage photographs, viscerally evoking the dreamy-foggy space of memory.

      Rachael Ashe’s Flowerburst installation.

      Rachael Ashe 
      Propellor, 1120 East Georgia Street
      Abstract paper-cut designs, bouquets, and installations will blow your mind with their intricacy.

      Awesome Sauce Designs
      MakerLabs, 780 East Cordova Street
      Stained glass meets pop culture in Corinne Leroux’s designs: think tacos, bacon strips, Popsicles, blue monsters, and geometric bears, all lovingly crafted out of solder and glass.

      Trevor Van den Eijnden
      Acme Studios, 112 East Hastings Street
      The complex repeating patterns of his mixed-media artworks somehow speak to the cosmos while dazzling us as intricate contemporary art.

      544 Main Street
      Multilayered: using everything from collage to stencilling, the artist cleverly juxtaposes retro pop-culture imagery with text, illustration, and painterly backgrounds.

      Lisa Ochowycz's acrylics capture landscape.

      Lisa Ochowycz
      Mergatroid Building
      Washy, drippy acrylics and inks capture weather and landscape in a moody swirl on Ochowycz’s mesmerizing panels and paper.

      Susan Patterson
      William Clark Studios
      Patterson finds fascinating, colourful patterns in city- and countryscapes, using found wood to carve, draw, and layer her stripes, circles, and squares.

      Carol McQuaid Art
      288 East Georgia Street
      Granville Island, the Waldorf, Robson Square, and the East Van Cross: they’re all likely to pop up in these woodcut and relief prints that capture the character of this city.

      Peter Van der grient
      The Arc, 1701 Powell Street
      A salvaged-cello wall chest and an industrial-look studio light are just some of the pieces in this steampunk-y collection.

      Ceramic work by Kayo Benson.

      Kayo Benson 
      Sunrise Studios, 1180 East Hastings Street
      Fawns, wolves, penguins, and cougars come to life in functional ceramics that bring together clay and illustration, the contemporary and the cottage-nostalgic.

      Carla Tak
      1000 Parker Street
      The veteran painter conjures swirls, circles, uneven stripes, and amoebalike orbs. Some of her large works are like gorgeous black-and-white static, others like vividly coloured microorganisms.

      Aimée Henny Brown
      Arts Factory, 281 Industrial Avenue
      Fascinating hand-cut collages juxtapose past and present, the architectural and the natural.

      Jeff Wilson
      Portside Studios, 150 McLean Drive
      Realist paintings bring to life people and places you’ll recognize, from park wardens to neon signs.