Queer-friendly arts organization Vancouver Art and Leisure robbed of equipment

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      Just as the city is gearing up for a holiday season of giving, some individuals have struck a blow against a local grassroots arts organization by stealing from them.

      Vancouver Art and Leisure reported today (December 9) that their venue at 1965 Main Street was broken into and much of their equipment was stolen.

      The thieves were able to disable security measures and stole numerous tools that artists used for their work.

      Items stolen include one Nexus 900 DJ mixer, two CDJ 2000 digital DJ turntable, four iPads, an EX3240 projector, a 21.5-inch iMac, a DVR security camera system, a Nikon D90 DSLR with a Nikon strap, and one sound monitor.

      According to VAL, the thieves also drilled into an ATM and stole its contents, and used hydraulics to unlatch a safe bolted into concrete. They left the building through the Main Street door and used two grey garbage cans and a blue IKEA bag to remove the items.

      The queer-friendly organization is dedicated to holding arts-related events with site-specific programming in unconventional spaces.

      Their events have ranged from art installations and book launches to the first Alternative Pride held in July. VAL and the Vintage Handmade Society are scheduled to hold a holiday-market event on December 18 at their venue.

      An online fundraiser has been organized to assist to help VAL continue to operate.

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