This Is Our Youth recalls pains and pleasures of teen years

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      If you had your hankies out watching Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea, you know that This Is Our Youth, a play by the same writer, is going to mix bittersweet pain into its dark humour.

      It’s not a tale of working-class Massachusetts, however; this one focuses on three privileged Upper West Side kids in New York City, all gathered in one teen’s apartment, along with a pot haze and a bag of stolen cash. Watching the kids try to connect will remind you of what it was like groping your way into adulthood—the painful pleasure, a bit like that movie we mentioned, without the Kleenex. A brash new company called Midtwenties Theatre Society seems like just the troupe to take it on, Friday to Monday (July 14 to 17) and July 19 to 23 at the Red Gate Revue Stage on Granville Island.