Donald Lawrence’s Coastal Camera Obscura turns city on its head

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      Until August 13 off Habitat Island in Olympic Village, Other Sights, a nonprofit group devoted to showing art in unexpected settings, will welcome kayakers, canoeists, and paddleboarders to artist Donald Lawrence’s Coastal Camera Obscura.

      It’s a floating artwork that functions as both a sculpture and an optical device (shown here in a sketch by the artist). In its camera-obscura setup, light enters a lens fitted within the dark, tentlike structure, projecting a real-time image of the surrounding environment, upside down and backward, onto an internal screen. When you see the distant viaducts upended, with the water rising, you’ll start to see the urban foreshore as a place of flux and question where it’s headed.

      No boat? Don’t fret: the artist and guides will assist those without access to paddle power to climb into one- and two-person kayaks and accompany them to the artwork; the site is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.