Vancouver Mural Festival hosts free speaker panel addressing cultural sustainability in city

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      The Vancouver Mural Festival is hosting a free speaker panel in Mount Pleasant tonight (August 9) that will engage the public in conversations surrounding cultural sustainability—and how the city’s cultural spaces, organizations, and histories can be best built and preserved.

      Hosted by Jocelyn MacDougall, community organizer and singer of local band Queer as Funk, the talk features a panel of diverse organizers who lead a number of arts, music, and culture events and initiatives in the city.

      This includes Dalannah Bowen, musician and executive director of the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts; Nancy Lee, founder of all-women collective Current: A Feminist Electronic Art Symposium; Eric Fredericksen, manager of the City of Vancouver’s public-art program; Joleen Mitton, community support worker and founder of Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week; and Dolly Hopkins, a locally and internationally recognized artistic advisor.

      "With a population of over 647,000 people, we have the highest number of artists per capita in Canada,” said VMF organizers in a media statement, “and it is important to learn from others' experiences designing, facilitating, and protecting cultural traditions, spaces, events, and the people behind them—and speak to the future of cultural life in our city.”

      Keynote listeners at the event will include Jenniffer Sheel, manager of street activations and VIVA Vancouver at the City of Vancouver, and Christian Chan of the Burrard Arts Foundation.

      The speaker panel takes place at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street) tonight (August 9) at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is free.