Vancouver artist depicts John Mann's brain with new sculpture

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      Creatively rendered brain sculptures are popping up around the City of Toronto this summer, and among them is the brain of John Mann, Vancouver-based frontman of Spirit of the West. Mann was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2014.

      Vancouver artist Kevin Dubois, a long-time friend of Mann’s, designed Loss of Found as part of Telus Health's Brain Project. The series of public art pieces is raising funds for Baycrest Health Sciences, a Toronto-based research centre focusing on brain health and aging.

      Dubois chose to decorate Mann’s brain with marbles, rather than create a traditional marble bust of him—infusing the sculpture with the irony and humour that Mann's family and friends love in him. The marbles also represent the "loss" of Mann's time and creativity as his Alzheimer's progresses.

      The Brain Project commissioned over 100 sculptures that speak to the unique qualities of every person's brain, drawing attention to the importance of medical research into preserving brain health.

      More information on Loss of Found and the Brain Project can be found here.