Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Hyena Subpoena

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      Cat Kidd is a force of nature. Ha, I wrote that first and then read it in the press release for this show.

      Well, it’s true. We first encounter her smooth, dusky voice singing a verse about being half hyena, then Kidd’s lithe, sinewy body emerges from a tent to prowl about the stage as her words take us from the hyena’s unique biological status, its shape-shifting powers, its hermaphroditism, and its curious laugh to memories of squatting in East Van with anarchists and making secret illegal donations of discarded hotel food. And that’s just the first poem! Kidd holds the audience spellbound for the full hour with the power of her voice and her movement as her tales of African fauna give way to those of other predators, human ones from her youth. Jacky Murda’s excellent music underscores Kidd’s irresistible rhythms. Prepare to be blown away.