Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Roller Coaster

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      TJ Dawe has built his career on turning his preoccupations of the moment into intelligent, funny monologues.

      His latest braids together theme parks, religion and the occult, Donald Trump’s presidency, the reasons we go to war, and much more.

      With his rapid-fire delivery, Dawe can cram in a mountain of interesting details, but his genius is to ground the abstract in the personal: he jumps up and down effusing about journalist and cultural critic Barbara Ehrenreich, for example. Imagining a post-apocalyptic future, he wonders, “What value would there be in that situation for an autobiographical monologist?”

      I was hooked for the first two-thirds of Roller Coaster, but my attention began to wane. In its current form, this show may have one or two more threads than it can comfortably hold, but I’d still recommend it for Dawe’s fans.