Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Ain't True & Uncle False

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      Kentucky native Paul Strickland cranks up the charm meter with his wholly original tales of Big Fib Trailer Park, home to his Ain’t True and Uncle False and a host of other fascinating and not-in-the-least believable folk.

      Most of them work in the town’s pea-punching plant—“where they punch peas until they’re black-eyed".

      Strickland creates distinct characters with simple shifts in voice and gesture, and his stories are packed with delightfully absurd details: peas canned in plastic pantyhose eggs, a snow sculpture of a bowling alley, a pair of sisters conjoined by wishful thinking.

      The stories (and a couple of songs) are a loving tribute to Strickland’s grandfather, whose spirit gives the show its structure (Big Fib evokes both tall tales and the tones of a defibrillator) and nuggets of down-home wisdom. This one will tickle your imagination while it warms your heart. Enjoy.



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