Vancouver Fringe Festival review: 7 Ways to Die: A Love Story

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      Rachel and Irving live across the hall from one another. They’re timid individuals but each seems to like the other, at least a little bit.

      However, Rachel has a few other things on her mind, like constantly finding new ways to try to end her life. This is going to be triggering for some people, but the reward is a gently morbid love story that’s difficult, funny, and a little weird.

      Staged in the spirit of a silent film or an old-fashioned cartoon, 7 Ways to Die sees playwrights and performers Keltie and Alexander Forsyth wear large masks that completely obscure their faces. In the Forsyths’ bodies, Rachel and Irving are vividly human, and beautifully convey the anguish and hope that brings these two into each other’s worlds.