Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Graceless Grace

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      Grace Monroe is an 18-year-old who dreams of becoming a famous dancer and getting out of Hope, B.C. The only problem is, she really doesn’t have any talent.

      Natalie Collins’s solo show presents as lighthearted and quirky, but there’s also some cunning commentary about the alleged narcissism of millennials, whom the media keeps denigrating for their social-media addictions, empty Insta-fame goals, and lack of work ethic.

      Collins is a charming performer, and the stiffness of her limbs perfectly conveys Grace’s inherent awkwardness, which makes every audition sequence in particular a total delight.

      As she finally grapples with the truth—she’s a terrible dancer—Grace lashes out, and this is where Collins truly shines, in the craggy outrage of adolescent impatience and crumbling bravado. 



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