Fall arts preview 2017: Theatre insiders reveal this season’s hidden gems

We asked those in the know to reveal their season’s hidden gems.

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      The Christians

      Presented by Pacific Theatre from September 15 to October 7 at Pacific Theatre

      “A church split over heaven and hell? It’s breathtaking, dramatic, affecting... Whatever you go into the show thinking, you’ll think again,” says Ron Reed, artistic director of Pacific Theatre.


      The Goblin Market

      Presented by the Cultch from October 3 to 14 at the York Theatre

      “Our season opener, The Goblin Market, at the York Theatre is a sublime marriage of literature and circus performance. This hidden gem from New Zealand is visually stunning, passionate, and erotic. This is circus for adults that combines breathtaking live performance and visual imagery with a seductive musical score. A great date night!” says Heather Redfern, executive director of the Cultch.


      Thanks For Giving

      Presented by the Arts Club from October 5 to November 4 at the Granville Island Stage

      You’ll want to catch the premiere of Thanks for Giving, a new play by Governor General’s Award–winning playwright Kevin Loring, who was recently appointed the artistic director of Indigenous theatre for the National Arts Centre,” says Bill Millerd, artistic director of the Arts Club.


      Improv Wars: The Laugh Jedi

      Presented by Vancouver TheatreSports League from October 5 to November 18 at the Improv Centre 

      “Improv Wars: The Laugh Jedi will be a galactic improv battle of epic proportions and an out-of-this-world parody that is sure to leave audience members sore from laughing,” says Jay Ono, executive director of Vancouver TheatreSports League.


      A Little Night Music

      Presented by Gateway Theatre from October 12 to 21 at Gateway Theatre

      “If you missed A Little Night Music last spring, this is your chance to catch this must-see production. It’s a classic musical with stunning performances from Vancouver’s leading actors,” says Jovanni Sy, artistic director of Gateway Theatre.


      Unité Modèle (Showroom)

      Presented by Théâtre la Seizième from October 17 to 28 at Studio 16

      “I’m excited about our upcoming production of Unité Modèle by Guillaume Corbeil. It’s bold, clever, and it offers a unique perspective on the conversation surrounding the real estate market,” says Esther Duquette, artistic and managing director of Théâtre la Seizième.


      Happy Place

      Presented by Touchstone Theatre, Ruby Slippers Theatre, and Diwali B.C. from October 19 to 29 at the Firehall Arts Centre

      “I’m very excited to be back at Touchstone and for our opening production, Happy Place, I have an awe-inspiring cast of seven women—many of Vancouver’s greatest actresses, some familiar with one another, such as recent Brothel Number 9 Jessie award winners Laara Sadiq and Adele Noronha, and some who have been waiting to get on-stage together forever, such as Colleen Wheeler and Nicola Cavendish. Imagine…” says Roy Surette, artistic director of Touchstone Theatre.


      Wives And Daughters

      Presented by UBC Theatre from November 9 to 25 at the Frederic Wood Theatre

      “The entire season is shaping up to be extremely exciting. I am especially thrilled for the world premiere of UBCTF’s own Jacqueline Firkins’s adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel Wives and Daughters. The characters are delicious, the plot is full of intrigue, and the story has a surprise around every corner!” says Stephen Heatley, head of the department of theatre and film at UBC.


      You Are It

      Presented by Boca del Lupo from November 30 to December 3 at the Fishbowl

      “So excited to be jumping back into the room with the amazing Deb Williams and Carmen Aguirre as we work together to take You Are It to the next level as the opener in this year’s Micro Performance Series. Deb’s honesty and insights combined with Carmen’s extraordinary life experience keep us laughing and sometimes crying throughout every rehearsal, every day. Working with these two master storytellers as we dig into the complexity of female relationships is hilarious but also personally revelatory,” says Sherry J. Yoon, artistic director of Boca del Lupo.


      Only Drunks and Children Tell The Truth

      Presented by the Firehall Arts Centre from November 11 to December 2 at the Firehall Arts Centre

      “Although Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth was originally produced at the Firehall in the ’90s, the mastery of Indigenous playwright Drew Hayden Taylor is still relevant and riveting today,” says Firehall Arts Centre G.M. Susan Shank.



      Presented by Studio 58 from November 16 to December 3 at Studio 58 

      “Six teenagers kidnapped by their parents and sent to a wilderness camp as a last resort to straighten them out—eloquent, edgy and real theatre that resonates,” says Kathryn Shaw, director of Studio 58.



      Presented by Vancouver Opera from October 13 to 21 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

      “Turandot is a work of epic proportions and Puccini’s final masterpiece…featuring a massive chorus, orchestra, and one of the most beloved tenor arias in all of the operatic repertoire,” says Leslie Dala, associate conductor and chorus director of Vancouver Opera.