Ola Volo, iHeart, and Okuda San Miguel among artists featured at Art Rapture's prohibition-themed exhibition

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      After a successful sold-out event that attracted over 800 attendees last fall, curated art experience Art Rapture will be conducting its second show in Vancouver on September 22 and 23.

      Taking place at 130 West 4th Avenue, the show will welcome 10 local and international artists, including renowned muralists Okuda San Miguel and Michelle Tanguay, and Vancouver’s own Ola Volo, iHeart, and Priscilla Yu, who will present a collection of provocative, boundary-pushing works that reflect on the theme of prohibition.

      “During the Prohibition era of the 1920s, the infamous bootlegger, Al Capone, commented, ‘Prohibition made nothing but trouble,’ ” write Art Rapture curators Paul Erik Becker, Dario Meli, and Joanna Riquet. “Even though the term prohibition immediately draws attention to the distribution of illicit alcohol and mobsters, there are deeper perspectives to the term prohibition and its impact on society.”

      Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel's vibrant murals decorate buildings around the world, including in Hong Kong where this "Rainbow Thief" piece lies.
      Okuda San Miguel

      The two-day event, which aims to expose curators to local and international street, urban, and pop artists, will offer guests a chance to purchase original pieces by featured painters, illustrators, and others. Collectible prints by Canadian artists such as Fucci, Kris Por, and Nikki Peck will also be available.

      Displayed throughout Art Rapture’s 3,500-square-foot Mount Pleasant space—some spanning walls as tall as six metres—the multidisciplinary works will draw from everything from Russian folklore and social media to sexual exploration and mathematical formulae.

      Following the fete, the Madrid-based Miguel, who will be presenting his work in Vancouver for the first time, will paint a mural at 325 West 4th Avenue from September 27 to 29.

      Local artist Nikki Peck is inspired by elements of nostalgia, coming-of-age, and sex positivity in her illustrations.
      Nikki Peck

      The exhibition also includes a philanthropic component and will once again donate a portion of its proceeds to Canadian anti–youth homelessness nonprofit, the Push for Change. In addition, Joe Roberts, cofounder of the Push for Change, will speak to attendees at the first day of the show following the completion of a cross-country trek that saw the former homeless addict pushing a shopping cart to raise awareness of youth homelessness. A live auction on the same evening will benefit the charity.

      Check out the full list of participating artists at this year’s Art Rapture below.

      Okuda San Miguel
      Ola Volo
      Justin Ogilvie
      Taka Sudo
      Bracken Hanuse Corlett
      Michelle Tanguay
      Jon Shaw
      Priscilla Yu
      Mark Ollinger
      Kris Por
      Jace Kim
      Nikki Peck

      Art Rapture’s PROHIBITION: nothing but trouble takes place on September 22 and 23 at 130 West 4th Avenue. Tickets to the exhibition start at $12 and are available online.