The Georgia Straight presents the Mei Lanfang Beijing Opera Troupe

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      On December 22 and 23, the Mei Lanfang Beijing Opera Troupe takes over the Queen Elizabeth Theatre (630 Hamilton Street).

      The group will be performing a production based on a well-known Chinese legend, which is considerede to be one of China's four great folktales. In the romance story, Bai Suzhen and Xi Xuan fall in love with each other even though their relationship is forbidden by the laws of nature.

      The cast features 70 actors and is directed by Beijing opera maestro Ye Shaolan as the art director, with Li Hongtong starring as lead actor.

      Beijing opera is known for including 50 types of hand gestures, eye contact, long-sleeved costumes, singing, and appearance (facial makeup). In 2010, UNESCO declared Beijing opera an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity".

      Tickets for the Mei Lanfang Beijing Opera Troupe are available online.