Things To Do: 6 can't-miss Vancouver arts events this week, November 8 to 14

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      Editor’s choice

      Fuse: A Conjuring at the Vancouver Art Gallery

      We dig the vibe of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s upcoming late-night art party, Fuse: A Conjuring, where musicians, sound artists, and more create a world of magic and alchemy. Seek out the rooftop pavilion, where musicians from the electronic label Genero, including DJ Yu Su and Minimal Violence, help build the mood. Elsewhere, relax at one of the velvet-enwrapped pop-up bars created by the Toronto-based sommeliers Grape Witches (shown here); and at the Shadow Bar, immerse yourself in a room of projected shadows and reflections that have been designed by Vancouver-based artist Erika Lövgren Holt.

      Fuse: A Conjuring is at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Friday (November 10).


      Beethoven’s Fifth

      The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra tackles one of the world’s most famous pieces.
      November 11 at the Orpheum

      Improv Wars—The Laugh Jedi

      The VTSL Star Wars parody channels the Force for intergalactic yuks.
      To November 18 at the Improv Centre

      Seong-Jin Cho

      The South Korean pianist shows his phenomenal Chopin chops.
      November 12 at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

      Tracey MacDonald

      A fresh female voice in standup takes self-effacing to hilarious new heights.
      November 9 to 11 at Comedy MIX

      Wives and Daughters

      Discover a play by an 1860s feminist-before-her-time.
      November 9 to 25 at the Frederic Wood Theatre