Arts Club presents four audio plays in its Listen to This series

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      The Arts Club Theatre Company has two audio plays currently running as part of its Listen To This series, with two more to be added in May and July.

      Running until September 15 is Bronwyn Carradine's Unexpecting, a comedic exploration of marriage, friendship, and modern motherhood featuring Ghazal Azarbad, Elizabeth Barrett, Emma Slipp, and AJ Simmons.

      "To all my queer kin, those I know and those I have yet to meet," writes Carradine in the Playwright Notes, "I hope this play makes you laugh and feel hope and happiness. I hope we’re dancing to Janelle Monáe in a warehouse someday very soon."

      Running until October 27 is Scott Button's Night Passing, which is inspired by the true stories of LGBTQ+ Canadians who endured brutal harassment at the hands of their own government. It features Jennifer Copping, Sharon Crandall, Chris Lam, Andrew McIlroy, Jason Sakaki, and Marco Soriano. 

      "I dedicate Night Passing to queers of the past and of the future," writes playwright Button in the notes. "As José Esteban Muñoz argues in Cruising Utopia, LGBTQ2S+ folks of right now must always have an eye both in front of and behind us—to the queers who loved and fought for our present selves, and the ones who will carry the torch to a more expansive future."

      Opening May 19 and running until January 19, 2022, is Christine Quintana's Someone Like You, a new comedy that launches Cyrano de Bergerac into the 21st century with mistaken identities, millennial manifestos, and the quest for self-love. 

      Opening July 14 and running until March 11, 2022, is Tai Amy Grauman's My Father is the Greatest Man in the World,  about a country singer in Nashville, pregnant with her first baby, who returns home to smalltown Alberta with questions for her father.

      For more info on the Listen to This audio-play series, and to purchase tickets, go here.