Arts Umbrella's Splash Art Auction celebrates 40 years

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      Arts Umbrella has just announced that it will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Splash Art Auction at the Fairmont Hotel on Saturday, October 22.

      This year’s auction will feature nearly 100 pieces of work from emerging and established local, national, and international artists, including Dana Claxton, Andrew Dadson, Karin Bubaš, Brent Wadden, Bobbie Burgers, Marie Khouri, and Russna Kaur.

      ”Splash began 40 years ago to raise the funds necessary to sustain and extend the mission of Arts Umbrella,” says Arts Umbrella cofounder and honorary chair Carol Henriquez in a news release. “It was always the goal to make sure that every young person has the opportunity to receive an arts education, regardless of socio-economic status.

      A work by Karin Bubaš will be part of the auction.
      Arts Umbrella

      "The funds raised from Splash ensure that the majority of Arts Umbrella’s students participate free of charge or on a scholarship," adds Henriquez. "Splash would not have been possible without the support of the donating artists over the years; to them, we are so grateful.”

      The event will be be hosted by local media personalities Gloria Macarenko and Fred Lee, and will feature student performances by Arts Umbrella Dance Company and Pre-Professional Musical Theatre Troupe.

      You can learn more about Splash 2022 and find tickets here.