Blind Tiger Comedy offers free classes to BIPOC students in July and August

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      This summer, Vancouver's Blind Tiger Comedy is offering free courses in improv and sketch to newcomers who identify as Black, Indigenous, or persons of colour.

      The initiative, called the Welcome 2020, is the latest diversity push by the program. It's offered scholarships to people of colour, LGBTQ+ students, and differently abled students in the last year, as well as POC Nights—a free improv class and jam session. The school also has extensive language banning discrimination and harrassment.


      Ronald Dario and Ese Atawo are its diversity coordinators.


      Last year’s Welcome saw over 70 people who identify as women, trans, and/or femme try out comedy.


      All courses will be held digitally during the COVID-19 pandemic. Class information is here. Most new students will be best-suited for Intro improv course, led by Dario this summer.


      Blind Tiger's comedy school was founded by the Sunday Service and Hip.Bang! and features pro comedians from all over the city.