The Chan Centre presents an online screening of Brendan McLeod's Ridge on Remembrance Day

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      The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts has announced that it will present an online screening of Brian McLeod's Ridge as part of its Dot Com Series.

      The film, shot in October 2020 at the Chan Centre, uses direct storytelling, verbatim theatre, and live music from Vancouver-based folk group the Fugitives to depict the Battle of Vimy Ridge and other formative events in Canadian history. 

      “When the Chan Centre presented Brendan’s monologue Brain in 2016, a personal and candid take on consciousness and OCD, I was blown away by what a truly captivating storyteller he is,” says the centre's programming manager Wendy Atkinson in a press release. “He has a unique ability to delve into extremely challenging topics, from mental health to—in the case of Ridge—world war, and make us see them in a new and intimately personal way.

      "His performances shine a light on our shared humanity,' adds Atkinson, "and I have no doubt the premiere of his latest work will leave us moved, reflective, and perhaps even unsettled by the questions he poses.”

      Ridge will premiere at the Cinematheque on November 7, followed by its official online release at the Chan Centre on Remembrance Day. For more info look here.