Co.ERASGA’s “Accumulation” gets its world premiere this November

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      Acclaimed Vancouver dance company Co.ERASGA is back for its 23rd year with another thought-provoking show that will have its world premiere this November.

      Choreographed and performed by Co.ERASGA’s Alvin Erasga Tolentino, Accumulation incorporates movement, sound, costumes, sculpture, and found objects to ask us to confront our relationship with a dying planet.

      What do we own? What do we witness? What responsibility do we have, as temporary inhabitants on this land, to find ways to care for it?

      With an original score composed by Emmanuel Mailly (France), costumes designed by Meagan Woods (New York), lighting design by Tory Ip (Vancouver), and sculptures created by Marc Gerenton (France), Accumulation is an international collaboration of artists who all desire to create work that promotes environmental stewardship.

      Photo by Yasuhiro Okada.

      For more than two decades, Co.ERASGA has been at the forefront of experimental modern dance, promoting movement as a form of expression, activism, and criticism. Accumulation is sure to solidify its place in the Canadian dance lexicon.

      Accumulation world premiere

      Where: Performance Works

      When: November 9 to 11

      Tickets: $20 to $30, available online