The Cultch announces its 2021 fall season

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      Today the Cultch announced the mix of online and in-person performances that will make up its 2021 fall season.

      “Through every obstacle, the artists behind these performances have kept working and creating," says Cultch executive director Heather Redfern in a press release. "They have transcribed calamity into art, capturing connections and fostering empathy. And they have made space for joy, comedy, and laughter.” 

      The season opens today (September 23) with the TRANSFORM Cabaret Festival, seven days of interactive digital performances, with in-person screenings taking place at the Historic Theatre.

      Keenan Simik Komaksiutiksak performs as part of the TRANSFORM Cabaret Festival, running to October 2.

      The rest of the fall season is as follows (descriptions in italics provided by the Cultch): 

           * we the same, November 3 to 7: Ruby Slipper Theatre's play, written by Sangeeta Wylie and directed by Diane Brown and assistant director Patricia Trinh. 1979: Inspired by a true story, a mother and six children are separated from their father as they flee Vietnam by boat, surviving pirate attacks, typhoons, starvation, shipwreck. 40 years later, she shares the story with her daughter for the first time. Are these family secrets, or things we don’t talk about?

           * Farm to Fable, November 17 to 21: written and directed by Amiel Gladstone, starring Meaghan ChenoskyNadine is juggling a lot. Her dream restaurant has closed, she broke up with her boyfriend, and has moved in with her mother. To get back on her feet she has pivoted to creating an online cooking show.  While she attempts to cook with the zoom audience for the first time, she deals with the interruptions from her mother, delivery guys, and Rick, her boyfriend who arrives from the farm to try and win her back. A hilarious and melancholy turn by Meaghan Chenosky who always tries to make a meal out of things.

      Meaghan Chenosky stars in Farm to Fable, which runs November 17 to 21.

           * East Van Panto: Alice in Wonderland, November 24, 2021, to January 2, 2022: Theatre Replacement's musical written by Sonja Bennett and directed by Meg Roe, with music by Veda Hille. When a terribly bored Alice follows a White Rabbit onto the Skytrain, she falls down a hole only to find herself in a Grandview-Woodlands Wonderland! While tracking this elusive bunny, she encounters transit police officers Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, a busking Cheshire Cat, gets some questionable advice from a cannabis connoisseur caterpillar, and has a heck of a time at a Commercial Drive leftist tea party.

      Single tickets are on sale now and you can find them here.