The Cultch presents Ins Choi's Bad Parent October 13 to 23

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      The Cultch has announced that, along with Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, it will be presenting the Vancouver premiere of Bad Parent next month.

      The new play from renowned playwright Ins Choi--which was originally scheduled to run in the spring of 2022, but had to be postponed due to COVID--will run at the Cultch Historic Theatre from October 13 to 23.

      Bad Parent, a portrait of young parents struggling to find their way through parenthood, stars Raugi Yu and Josette Jorge, and is directed by Meg Roe.

      “There was a turbulent time, early in our marriage, when my wife and I argued a lot," says Choi in a news release. "I began writing long unfiltered rants in an attempt to clarify how I was feeling and why.

      "Many years later," he adds, "I came across those rants and felt sorry for that couple back then trying to make ends meet, meet each other’s needs and the needs of a newborn.”

      Tickets for Bad Parents start at $29, and you can find them here.