DanceHouse presents Red Sky Performance's More Than Dance, We Are A Movement from April 14 to 20

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      DanceHouse has announced that it will present streamings of a new film celebrating the 20th anniversary of Toronto's Indigenous performance company Red Sky Performance.

      More Than Dance, We Are A Movement contains excerpts from the dance works Trace and Milgis, and interviews with the collaborators, including Red Sky Performance founder and artistic director Sandra Laronde.

      The streamings take place from April 14 to 20 and are part of the Digidance series, an initiative of Vancouver's DanceHouse, Montreal's Danse Danse, Toronto's Harbourfront Centre, and Ottawa's National Arts Centre, co-presented with Calgary's Springboard Performance.

      David Hou

      Single link tickets are priced at $16.14 and you can find them here.