DanceHouse presents streamed performances of Jean-Pierre Perreault's Joe from March 17 to 23

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      DanceHouse presents a Digidance streaming of Joe, a major piece of the Canadian dance repertoire, produced in 1995 by Bernard Picard for Radio-Canada.

      "A pivotal work by the late Jean-Pierre Perreault," reads the event info, "Joe presents an image of the human condition that is so accurate and so moving that it remains forever imprinted in the memories of those who have seen it.

      "To the sound of 32 pairs of work boots obsessively pounding the floor, 32 dancers dressed in long coats and hats, move in a compact mass from which individuals occasionally attempt to free themselves to escape a foreordained destiny."

      A 25-minute documentary contextualizing the creation will be shown following the performance.

      Tickets for Joe start at $16.14 per person, and you can find them here.