Discarded COVID-19 masks become Huisman’s art

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      Last summer the Straight blogged about local artist Michelle Leone Huisman and how she was photographing broken spoons, which were symbolic of "the 7 p.m. cheer", when residents would gather to show their appreciation for the pandemic's frontline workers by banging pots and pans.

      At the time we mentioned that Huisman's fascination with the detritus of COVID-19 also had her working on images of found masks paired with items of nature.

      Artist Michelle Leone Huisman.

      Now Huisman has announced that that work will be seen in the upcoming exhibition, Global Pandemic.

      “Over the past year, I have (safely) collected only some of the masks that I have seen on the streets and sidewalks," says Huisman in a press release. "They are everywhere! Some are probably ones that people have lost, though I suspect many of them are ones that people have just thrown into the street.

      "Make a Wish", Michelle Leone Huisman

      "While discovering more children’s masks on the streets and sidewalks inspiration struck," adds Huisman. "I found myself contemplating the hopeful, the playful, and rejuvenating side of springtime contrasting against the scourge of this pandemic waste--discarded children’s masks nestled amongst a patch of daisies, a bunch of buttercups, a bed of grass."

      "Ring Around the Rosie", Michelle Leone Huisman

      Global Pandemic will be on display at the Dal Schindell Gallery from March 2 to April 10.