The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret's ‘Disco Inferno’ transports the audience to a 70s dance floor

Disco Inferno is equal parts disco dance party and musical comedy 

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      If someone really believes that “disco is dead,” they obviously haven’t met Kat Single-Dain. 

      As the artistic director of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, Single-Dain oversees (and, oftentimes, stars in) a wide variety of events hosted by the non-profit society, with everything from swing dance lessons and clown gyms to theatre productions and themed speed dating nights. 

      The latest? Disco Inferno: The World’s Only Interactive Musical (that the producers have ever heard of). Running from April 7 to 15—and with more shows expected to be announced soon—Disco Inferno is equal parts musical comedy and disco dance party that transports audiences back to 1976. 

      Kat Single-Dain
      Danielle Diamond

      “Disco was a phenomenon in which people of all backgrounds and experiences came together to connect and celebrate life together on the dance floor,” Single-Dain, who created and directs the show, says in a release. 

      Disco Inferno is here for the same reasons, and is guaranteed to be one of the most unique theatre experiences in Vancouver. If this show is anything like our rehearsals, then I myself will be on the floor laughing.”

      It’s up to each audience member to decide whether they hit the dance floor or sit back and enjoy the show, as there is no obligation to participate. 

      Disco Inferno is both a high-level professional production and an open invitation to the audience to boogie on down with us if they would like to. Don't be one of the people who hear about the show for years afterwards and wish they had not missed it,” Single-Dain adds. 

      The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret

      One of the most interesting aspects about Disco Inferno is that, like a good discotheque, you might just feel the urge to come back for more. The release notes that “every night has the potential for a different ending, so you may end up coming multiple times.” 

      And if you’re not sure what to wear to such an interactive night at the theatre, no sweat; you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a costume on the way in. 

      Disco Inferno: The World’s Only Interactive Disco Musical! runs on April 7, 8, 9, 14, and 15, with additional dates to be announced. It is held at the Russian Hall and tickets are available online starting at $30.