Eastside Culture Crawl announces a return to its classic four-day format for its 26th annual edition

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      The Eastside Culture Crawl is not only back for a 26th edition in 2022, but will be truly returning to something resembling normalcy with its pre-Pandemic four-day format. 

      Running from November 17-20, this year’s event will feature the work of over 425 artists in 68 buildings. The action takes place in the Eastside Arts District region, which is bounded by Victoria Drive, the Waterfront, 1st Avenue, and Columbia Street. 

      Those looking to unleash their inner art aficionados early can get the jump on this year’s Crawl with NEXT (October 31-November 27), during which 90 artists will participate in a multi-venue juried preview exhibition. Driving home the point that you were not alone, the work of the participating artists will not only explore the impact of the Pandemic, but take a look at the way we, as a collective whole, gradually returned to normalcy, as well as how we’re looking to the future. The works selected for NEXT spotlight artists who used the Pandemic to break into new areas of expression, deepen their existing traditions, and who’ve been willing to reflect on their journey. 

      If supporting the Eastside Culture Crawl in monetary ways is important to you, a Take Flight virtual auction and fundraiser runs from October 11 to November 5. 

      And for everyone who loves art when it’s straddling multiple disciplines, Lumière Festival will oversee a Moving Art film and exhibition. 

      Running from November 7-9, Talking Art will examie some of the different perspectives that frame Culture Crawl art practices.

      In announcing Eastside Culture Crawl’s return to its four-day format, artistic and executive director of  Eastside Arts Society Esther Rausenberg said this is a release: “What the past two years has reinforced is that the arts play an incredibly important role in people’s lives,. We’re thrilled to bring back our classic Culture Crawl experience. The challenges of the past few years have certainly proven that artists are resilient and adaptable. 

      “Many have taken the time to reflect on their art practice, taking it to the next level by exploring new avenues and fresh approaches,” she continued. “We can’t wait to share these new revelations in the 26th edition of the Culture Crawl; it’s truly going to be a celebration of the vitalness of the arts.”

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