Eastside Culture Crawl artists with open studios for 2020

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      This year, due to COVID-19, some Eastside Culture Crawl artists are only displaying their work online.

      But there are stlll plenty who've opted for the old-fashioned, in-person experience. (Reservations are required to limit the number of visitors to a building at one time.)

      Here's a sampling of 20 artists showing their work in their studios. (All artist statements are taken from the Culture Crawl website.)

      Cara Bain (drawing, painting): "I paint to discover that bit you could call a soul, or a true self – to get to that golden sliver hidden under many layers." Nov. 12-15, 1636 Salbury Dr., off back alley

      Tiffany Blaise (painting): “My art practice is a journey rooted in the exploration of thoughts and nature. I want to portray the connection between our inner nature and the landscape that surrounds us.” Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Studio One One Six, 116 E. Pender

      Marcy Cariglino (assemblage, mixed media, sculpture): "I am an assemblage artist. I use mixed media and found objects to create visual interpretations of phrases, song lyrics and euphemisms that resonate with me." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Octopus Studios, 393 Powell St.

      Debra Powell (glass, jewellery): "I create jewelry, functional objects and pure glass 'art' that I hope inspires observers to feel the 'light' when they look at it or hold it." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Studio 580, 580 Clark Dr.

      "Ponder" by Dzee Louise

      Dzee Louise (drawing, jewellery, painting): "For the past few years, I have focused my investigations on the subtleties of the body and human experience, curious about what shapes us, and seeking the connections between the physical, psychological, personal and environmental." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, 1310 William St.

      Ed Hunt (drawing, painting, printmaking): "New to East Van, I arrived just as lockdown commenced. I have been using printmaking, drawing and painting both to express and orient myself to a new city and paradigm." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, 222 Artist Studios, 222 E. Georgia St.

      Lianna Klassen (clay, mixed media, painting): "The wonderful thing about art is that it evolves and has a mind of its own. In the process of creating, you step out of your comfort zone and it surprises you!" Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, Studio 6A, 1310 William St.

      Mischa Kolbe (mixed media, new media, wood): "Woodwork, digital sculpting, 3D printing and programming are some of the many fields that fascinate me and inspire my work." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Octopus Studios, studio on the left at the very back, 393 Powell St.

      "past present future" by Stacy Lederman

      Stacy Lederman (mixed media, painting): "My work is abstract painting or mixed media using photography, acrylics, watercolours, collage and texture. I am inspired by the unexpected beauty that surrounds us, pop culture and current messaging we all struggle to process." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, Studio 14, 1310 William St.

      Karly Leipsic (mixed media): "I love mixed media as you’re never exactly sure how a piece will end up, or how you will get there, so I just enjoy the journey." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, Studio 15C, 1310 William St.

      Lawrence Lowe (drawing, jewellery, printmaking) "Finding new objects with different surfaces to draw on inspires my creativity. Ink drawing on various surfaces (paper, wood, stone, elk & deer antler and elk hide drums)." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Parker Street Studios, Studio 352, 1000 Parker St.

      Tana Lynn (painting): "Not bound by any school or tradition I simply create what pulls at my heart until it is put down on canvas." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Parker Street Studios, Studio 350, 1000 Parker St.

      "Express Yourself" by Helen Alex Murray

      Helen Alex Murray (mixed media, painting, wood): "I like it when things don’t make perfect sense. That space in between the lines where there's decision between connecting or detaching. That moment amid fear and laughter. That's Art." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, East Side Studios, Studio 32, 1859 Franklin St.

      Bettina Matzkuhn (textile): "The versatile threads and specific qualities of the textiles that I use in my work form a vocabulary I have used since childhood. My geographies are made of thread and metaphor." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, Studio 17A, 1310 William St.

      Eric Neighbour (jewellery, painting, sculpture): "I trust the reactions of children. If they stop and look and touch and climb, then it's working." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Arts Factory, Studio 01, 281 Industrial Ave.

      Cat Pino (mixed media): “I observe each mark, colour and texture in search for a pattern. If I don’t see a pattern I keep moving…It’s the movement that is the conduit to the creative process." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Octopus Studios, first room on the first floor, 393 Powell St.

      "Aflame" by Shary Bartlett

      Shary Bartlett (mixed media, painting, photography): "My paintings are inspired by nature, using a medium that is also natural: molten beeswax." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Parker Street Studios, Studio 435, 1000 Parker St.

      Tyler Wilson (photography, printmaking): "Digital photography doesn't have happy accidents. Film is not dead!" Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Hamilton Bank Building, Studio 312, 1895 Powell St.

      Joy Peirson (painting): "I paint recognizable scenes for both locals and visitors. I am most influenced by E.J. Hughes and love depicting every day scenes familiar to everybody." Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, Studio 3, 1310 William St.

      Anne-Francois Wauthy (mixed media): "Keep on working, especially when you feel stuck!" Nov. 12-15 & 19-22, Eastside Atelier, Studio 7, 1310 William St.