Exhibition of works by Victor Vasarely, the father of Op Art, opens October 17 at the VAG

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      An exhibition of works by Victor Vasarely, celebrated as the father of Op Art (Optical Art) opens at the Vancouver Art Gallery this Saturday (October 17).

      "The Hungarian-French artist is internationally renowned for his colourful abstract patterns and playful Pop aesthetic," reads the information on the VAG website. "Stimulating the eye, his vibrant paintings, prints, and sculptures produce the optical illusion of dynamic movement: they appear to pulse, shimmer, and vibrate. This exhibition showcases Vasarely’s artistic production primarily from the 1960s and ’70s, at the peak of his popularity."

      "This exhibition provides us with the chance to reconsider a fleeting aspect of late modernism and especially to appreciate Vasarely’s aspiration to both disrupt art and democratize it," writes Georgia Straight art critic Robin Laurence in a recent article. "Through the companion exhibition, Op Art in Vancouver, we may also recall the movement’s impact on leading local artists, including Gordon Smith, Roy Kiyooka, Brian Fisher, and the ever-ballsy Joan Balzar."

      The exhibition runs until April 5, 2021, and you can learn more about it here.