Federation Gallery opens 2021 Works on Paper exhibit in Vancouver’s Granville Island

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      Federation Gallery in Vancouver’s Granville Island has launched a new exhibit celebrating paper as an art medium.

      The show 2021 Works on Paper launched Monday (January 25) at the gallery’s home at 1241 Cartwright Street.

      “Paper has been a substrate of choice for centuries,” the gallery notes.

      Moreover, paper is “as diverse and creative as the media” artists use on it.

      The medium is “celebrated by watercolourists, print-makers and pastel artists”.

      Vancouver artist Esmie Gayo McLaren works with watercolours, and uses paper for support.

      McLaren’s Majesty, portraying a bald eagle surveying its realm, is included in 2021 Works on Paper.

      The artist’s website reads:

      Esmie Gayo McLaren shares stories that provide healing and hope, rekindling joy and inspiration.  She tells of passion, labour, simplicity, and childish abandon.  She romanticizes, re-lives adventures, asks questions, and embraces subjects that resonate with her being, as artist, woman, and global citizen.  Emphasizing motion and emotion, she narrates about lightness of spirit in the whirls of skirts and spontaneous play.  And as if to rejuvenate and rekindle, her stories return to nature and garden.

      Federation Gallery is owned and operated by the Federation of Canadian Artists, whose members include McLaren, a Canadian Filipino.

      The exhibit 2021 Works on Paper runs until February 7, 2021.

      To view the works on display, see here.