The Firehall Arts Centre announces workshop performances of The Unbroadcast Life of Mildred Bailey in October

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      The Firehall Arts Centre has just announced that, in association with Red Cedar Theatre, it will present The Unbroadcast Life of Mildred Bailey on October 14 and 15.

      A live podcast play about the life of 1930s Salish jazz singer Mildred Bailey, it was created by Russell Wallace, composer and traditional singer from the Lil’wat Nation.

      Russell Wallace.

      "Mildred Bailey was one of the first female singers to make a name for herself in the American pantheon of jazz," reads a press release issued today. "She captured the subtleties of the 1930s’ African American blues and ragtime music and became the first female jazz singer to perform regularly with a band."

      "The Unbroadcast Life of Mildred Bailey explores the singer’s life and impact on the jazz scene, and offers glimpses into that era’s rehearsal rooms, music studios and lively, star-studded wingdings."

      The play is directed by Columpa Bobb, and features cast members Deanna Gestrin, Jeremy Wong, and Emmett Hatlelid. The music is arranged by Vancouver guitarist Tony Wilson and performed by a band composed of Wilson, saxophonist Dave Say, violinist Josh Zubot, bassist André Lachance, and percussionist Robin Layne.

      Tickets for The Unbroadcast Life of Mildred Bailey start at $25 and you can find them here.