Flamenco Rosario presents the 2022 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival in September

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      The Vancouver International Flamenco Festival has just announced the lineup for its 2022 edtion, which will feature local, national, and international flamenco artists

      The event will feature free outdoor events on Granville Island from September 3 to 4, as well as ticketed performances at the Norman Rothstein Theatre on September 16 and at the Waterfront Theatre from September 22 to 24.

      Highlights of the festival include a performance of Mucha Muchacha by Spain's Mucha Muchacho on September 16.

      "Mucha Muchacha‘s eponymous work began as theoretical and practical research about women artists from the Generation of the 27th, also known as Las Sinsombrero, reads the event info on the VIFF website, "and evolved into a contemporary dance project focused on the ideas of empowerment, determination, voice, participation, freedom, and cooperation.

      Mucha Muchacha

      "The show is developed from force-driven movement, effort, celebration and physical exhaustion, putting at risk traditional Spanish dance's corporeality in a confrontation with contemporary dancing."

      Performances at the Waterfront Theatre include The Machination of Memories Suppressed by Calgary's Anastassiia Alexander on September 22, and Sombras/Shadows by Montreal's Kara Miranda Lawrence on September 23.

      The festival's final performance at the Waterfront Theatre, on September 24, is Nuevo III, in which Vancouver's Flamenco Rosario presents a collection of new choreographies by Ballet Nacional de España’s leading dancer and choreographer Albert Hernandez, Granada’s Sara Jimenez, and Rosario Ancer.

      For more info visit the festival website here.