Imaginary Games' preholiday art sale features prints, jewellery, T-shirts, and more

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      Look at the ethereal work of local artists Megan Majewski, Camilla d’Errico, and Elin Jonsson and you’ll see a definite, haunting synergy.

      All of them focus on the female face and form, with equal touches of gothic wonder, surreal fantasy, and pop-manga—and they’re the focus of a cool preholiday art sale. No treacle here: think of it as kind of the dark nightmare art sale before Christmas.

      Majewski’s women have a skeletal, Burton-esque flair for decay, while comic artist d’Errico is as likely to incorporate coiling octopuses as Hello Kitty. And Jonsson’s acrylic paint on panel conjures broken dolls and ghoulish burlesquers.

      Buy their creations in the form of original artwork, prints, T-shirts, jewellery, and more at the just-opened Imaginary Games space (730 Richards Street)—a small mobile game studio that combines fine art with experimental technology. The sale happens between 12 and 5 p.m. this Saturday (December 15).

      As a bonus, every person who comes by will be entered in a draw to win a surprise art goody.