The Isolation Diaries: painter David Wilson

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      With theatres, galleries, stores, and restaurants shuttered to flatten the COVID-19 curve, the Isolation Diaries reach out to Vancouver’s creative sector to find out what they’re watching, how they’re coping, and where they’re finding inspiration.

      The artist

      David Wilson, Vancouver contemporary painter known for canvases that capture buzzing-with-life cityscapes

      No. 1 thing that’s getting you through

      I would have to say following a daily routine and taking the time to think and meditate. I read a lot about what is happening both here and abroad. It makes me very grateful we live in a country that cares about everyone and is taking measures to protect us all. As a nation we seem to be doing well so far. But only time will tell. In the duration I will work as I can from home and look forward to when we return to some semblance of normalcy, whenever that might be.

      Comfort food

      Peanut butter and chocolate. Together or apart. Oh, and red wine too! A three-way tie.

      Quarantine soundtrack

      Kurt Vile. Any album of his will do but for these purposes let’s go with Wakin on a Pretty Daze. Hmmm… Can also add Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis in heavy rotation, too.

      Creative or learning outlet

      As a visual artist it’s been difficult to be inspired to work while the world burns. But I sincerely believe that the arts will help pull our societies through this time and bring clarity to the situation. How many people are at home watching videos, listening to music or viewing online exhibitions? Now more than ever the arts create a vital link to us all. I’m currently working on a project that utilizes social media (Instagram) as a means to “travel” the globe to various locations and gather subject matter that I cannot physically access right now. I’ll be using those images in a series of works to transport the viewer to places that we are most unlikely to be able to visit for a very long time while touching upon the idea that we are all alone together.

      Streaming now

      Currently on Ozark Season 3. Can’t imagine the stress that family goes through each day! Makes our current situation feel like a picnic. As for podcasts, I get a lot out of Sam Harris both through his podcast and meditation app Waking Up, which is full of fabulous lessons, many of which I mentally refer to in order to maintain my sanity these days. Very helpful and highly recommended. Life-changing, really.

      Fitness hack

      As a family we go for a walk every day with our dog, and often again without him. (He’s getting old.) I’ve always been a reluctant exerciser but I do have a regular routine of stretching and light workouts that don’t require a gym and can be done in the house or garage. (I’ve always hated the gym anyhow. Too many germs.) It doesn’t take much to stay fit, really. Just a little perseverance. And it’s a good time to start!

      Survival tip

      We have learned to survive in an arts-based industry where the only thing for certain is that nothing is for certain. We have had to learn to live with the constant unease of uncertainty (hasn’t always been easy!) and over time we have become accustomed to it. And in doing so we learned to never underestimate the ability of oneself and those around us to adapt and find solutions to the problems at hand. It’s vital to stay informed, do what is asked of us by our elected leaders, and follow the science. This is their time to lead.

      David Wilson's Water That Is Air