The Lantern City rises in Vancouver's West End as a reminder of Lunar New Year

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      The amused Buddhas have a new neighbour in Morton Park this month.

      This weekend, just west of the A-maze-ing Laughter sculpture, six large, colourful lanterns were installed in the West End greenspace on the edge of English Bay.

      Entitled We Are a Family, they are part of the Lantern City project to celebrate Lunar New Year.

      The We Are Canadians Too Society placed them in the park as a companion to the Coastal Lunar Lanterns installation, which is also part of the Lantern City. It's in šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square on the north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

      A diverse group of artists were involved in the We Are a Family installation to celebrate the Year of the Ox.

      In the photos above and below, these are the artworks, along with the artists' names and their heritage:

      The Sweet Buzz of Community by Kent Chan-Kusalik (Chinese and Canadian)

      Coastal Memories by Tierney Milne (Canadian)

      Waves of Culture by Bert Monterona (Filipino and Canadian)

      Oxen by Pierre Luigi Vassura (Italian and Canadian)

      Katribo by Mario (MAYO) Landicho (Filipino and Canadian)

      The Salish Snowflake by Cory Douglas (Squamish Nation)


      Over in in šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square on the north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery, four of the Coastal Lunar Lanterns were designed by three generations of the Musqueam band's Point-Cannell family, including one by famed artist Susan Point.

      The other four lanterns on the north side of the VAG were designed by three generations of the Pavavaljung family, who are Paiwanese Indigenous artists in southern Taiwan.

      Video: Learn more about how the Coastal Lunar Lanterns installation celebrates Indigenous art on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.