Meet our cover artist: Olivia di Liberto

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      Hello! Tell us what you do.

      I’m an artist, Illustrator, teacher and graphic designers. So I do a bit of everything, using similar styles throughout all of those mediums.


      And how did you discover that style?

      I started developing my illustrated style when I was in graphic design school. I had just moved to Vancouver, so I think it was very  influenced by the West Coast. I continued to draw and do my illustrative work.

      I was doing work for local bands  – posters and album covers, that kind of thing – and was starting to be more recognized in the city. Once I started to paint, I applied to the Mural Festival. I got accepted and that's where I did my first one, on 3rd Ave, near Ontario. The organizers there are really good at guiding you, if you’ve never done one before. 

      I started getting opportunities after that. I started doing a lot of stuff like in that neighborhood and in the community. I did a label for Electric Bicycle Brewing. And yeah, more stuff for bands and stuff like that. Since I did that mural, people could see that I could apply it in different ways.

      That’s how we found you. What was your approach for this cover?

      So I wanted it to reflect the West Coast. I wanted to include Vancouver's landscape and elements that make it unique, specifically East Van and downtown.

       I also wanted to incorporate some of the past themes from past Straight covers, like from the Sixties  – which is where the woman comes in – and bridge that with where the paper’s at today and where you want it to go. So it’s basically just a representation of the community. 


      What’s next for you?

      I’m definitely trying to become a bit more international, not just working specifically in Vancouver. I’ll be doing more Canada-wide projects, then hopefully, eventually, around the world. That would be my next step. 

      You can find more of Olivia’s work on Instagram at @chillivia.