Meghan Gardiner's To Perfection plays Surrey in September

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      Vancouver's shameless hussy productions has announced that, in association with Surrey Civic Theatres, it will present the world premiere of Meghan Gardiner’s To Perfection this fall.
      The play, starring Patti Allan and Rae Takei, will be performed from September 14 to 17 at the Surrey Arts Centre’s Studio Theatre.
      To Perfection is about a former celebrity TV chef (Allan) finally reuniting with her estranged grandchild (Takei), who comes out as non-binary. The new work tackles issues dear to Gardiner's own heart.
      “My daughter took our entire family on an incredibly beautiful but at times challenging journey towards acceptance and growth,," says the playwright in a news release, "and I’m grateful for the ride she has taken us on.
      "Every child comes with their own personality," she adds, "their own everything. They’re born who they are, and we can’t change that, we just have to adapt and love them. My philosophy is love first and let them be the guide.”
      Tickets for the Renée Iaci-directed play are priced from $15 to $29 and you can find them here.