MOA examines intersectionality of Mexican-American art and activism in new exhibition starting May 12

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      The Museum of Anthropology at UBC has announced that, along with the Americas Research Network, it will present the world premiere of Xicanx: Dreamers + Changemakers / Soñadores + creadores del cambio.

      The exhibition will run from May 12, 2022, to January 1, 2023, and will showcase the rich traditions of 33 Xicanx artists, whose art practices draw on their Mexican-American heritage and generations of activism.

      “Xicanx explores the ongoing fight for social justice that countless Mexican Americans have consciously and sacrificially upheld over the last six decades through their art and activism,” says the exhibition's cocurator, Greta de León, in a press release. “Being Xicanx is a chosen identity. It represents so much more than just heritage, background, and gender; it’s about accepting the responsibility to fight for their community, their culture, and their human rights.

      Cocurator Greta de León, executive director of the Americas Research Network.

      "Xicanx offers a platform for visitors to explore the indelible impact that Xicanx artists, in particular, have made on the American Civil Rights Movement and beyond," adds de León, "addressing critical issues such as voting rights, education, land rights, immigration and labour rights. This exhibition connects the courageous past with present-day art activism, examining the essential mantle passed down through generations of Xicanx revolutionaries.”

      For more info visit the MOA website here.